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Pastors David and Jennifer Moore

Pastors David & Jennifer

Pastors David and Jennifer Moore are individuals who are dedicated to assisting others in their spiritual growth and development. As bi-vocational Pastors, they are deeply committed to their role in helping people grow in their relationship with God. Their backgrounds in the E-commerce, non-profit and petrochemical industries provide them with a diverse perspective that is reflected in all aspects of their work.

Their love for one another and their family is profound, and this same love extends to the entire Purpose Church community. They prioritize fostering a sense of love, unity, and support among their congregation.

Pastors David and Jennifer adopt a transparent approach to teaching kingdom principles in the 21st century. They understand the importance of addressing relevant issues and challenges faced by individuals today. By being transparent and relatable, they aim to connect with people on a personal level and effectively communicate timeless spiritual truths in a way that resonates with the modern world.

Pastors David and Jennifer bring their unique blend of professional experience, entrepreneurial mindset, deep love for their family, and transparent teaching approach to
Purpose Church, with the goal of helping individuals grow in their understanding and experience of God through Jesus Christ.


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