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Our Beliefs

The Bible

The inspired word of God. Sharing the good news of Jesus to all of the world.

The Trinity

We believe in the Trinity God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


Family and home is the first place to show the love of Jesus Christ. It's important to be the best family member that you can be so that they can see the love of Christ through you. 

If our families are strong, the church is strong. 

If our families are weak, the church is weak.


We believe in Communion, the breaking of bread symbolizing Jesus’s body,

and drinking juice symbolizing Jesus blood shed on Cavalry.


We believe Jesus died for our sins. The verbal confession of our sins and believing that Jesus died and rose again for us.


Water Baptism and being baptized by the Holy Spirit


We believe that God is the giver of all wealth because of this we give back 10% to God as tithe.

We give of our time because he is the giver of life

and we give of our skills because he is the giver of gifts and talents.


We believe in having a growing relationship with Christ. 

Tenants of the relationship include:

Prayer, verbally communicating with God, and listening to the Holy spirit’s responses.

Reading the bible to understand who God is and learning how to live a life pleasing to God.

Giving Back

We believe in working to improve the lives of all people with a focus on the less fortunate.

By doing so this is an act of worship towards God.

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